Post (proving a point)



125 thoughts on “Post (proving a point)

      • I had to laugh watching Clueless, knowing that’s never be me…though I may want to get that closet with the revolving clothes…just no fur, please! 🙂


      • Ah, just having that much room and so many choices, I’d look like a million bucks everyday! Course there was also that computer program she had. That’s what I’d need, something to pull my wardrobe together to help me look fabulous!


      • I don’t keep up with it, I just read what’s in the newspaper. A lot of what I see, I just think, who the hell wears that stuff! Mainly the runway stuff. I’ve yet to see any of that stuff on any celebrities. Then again, maybe I’m not looking at the right ones. I also like being comfy. Jeans are my nemesis, have been since they started lowering the waistband of jeans to stripper level. I’m sorry, but I don’t want people see my underwear or ass crack, thank you


      • I really do have to agree with that. Female Gangsta! Ew. I do get a kick out of some of the accessories that the runway models wear though. Earrings the size of dinner plates and all. Bloody hell can you even imagine trying to care for a toddler wearing those things?


      • I think that’s the first time I’ve herd you use British slang/cursewords! 😛 I think it’s hilarious! And yeah, those accessories I really have to wonder about sometimes. I love those big earrings sometimes, but I imagine those women end up having earlobe swings (like the plugs people wear, only it just hangs down and you could swing on it). And those huge round ones (aka dinner plates), are just asking to be pulled. Babies and toddlers LOVE necklaces and earrings. At least I can reason with my guy. Babies cannot be reasoned with. Yikes!


  1. curious… if a blogger says you never have a pointless post and then you post “post” to prove a point doesn’t this post then have a point and is no longer pointless…lol… 😉


  2. So- maybe people like you more than your posts? Or, you are better connected? I know brilliant people who write posts and two or three people “like.” A very aribtrary world we live in here on


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