The Courting of Bell

I wrote this poem when I was around 16 years old or so and just found it today while digging through a box of stuff. So..yeah. I’m going to post it anyway.


Watching time slip through the glass,

the wizard counts the hours.

He’s lost his only love,

she now lies amongst the flowers.


He has lived through centuries,

seen many times before.

Still there is only one for him

but one that he adores.


He travelled years to find her

beyond distance, time and space,

longing for her tender caress

from memories of her face.


Into the castle’s courtyard

he followed love’s sweet song,

past gardens full of roses

as the day grew long.


He rush in past the fountain,

beneath the dragon’s lair,

his heart turned to a mass of stone

as he saw her lying there.


The dagger lie beside her

crimson touched its tip,

he chest neither rose nor fell,

no breath escaped her lips.


He cursed the Gods above him,

for making his death slow.

With a sweeping hand he closed her eyes,

the last time they would show,


He roams the world uncertain

if they will ever meet again

and blames himself for leaving her

and causing her such pain.


Once in every lifetime,

he finds she is reborn

and once in every lifetime

apart their love is torn.






33 thoughts on “The Courting of Bell

  1. That’s amazing. I love the emotion in the poem even though it’s very sad. Your rhyme scheme is unique (at least to me) with only the second and fourth line rhyming. Seems you’ve been a poet a lot longer than we realized.


  2. I envy you, and here’s why. When I, too, was but 16, I wrote a poem called The Chains of Moebius. To this day, I am convinced it was the best poem I have ever written. It was my first. I have never been able to find it.

    This poem is brilliant. Which begs the question, you mean to tell me you’ve been a genius poet the whole time?!?!? -.-


      • Alas, that poem will never be found. But I will always have the memory of it. Encouragement to always exceed the Self.

        As for the mission, the only mission I will ever undertake is that of recovering the Universal Reboot Button. Why? Because, the Apocalypse… >:D Listen, there can never be a conversation with me without a slant in the direction of morbidity… It’s almost like a tradition or some such. :p Seriously, though, your poetry is on point.


  3. Amazing poem. Thanks for sharing this. I really liked the depth of story and the feelings of loss. The line “the last time they would show,” was really good in the context of the loss.


  4. This conjured images of the movie Ladyhawke with Michelle Pfieffer where she and her lover were cursed to be an animal in opposite times of day, so they were always together, but always apart. Beautiful imagery and you had just learned English?! Could’ve fooled the hell outta me 🙂 Really, it may be a sad poem, but it pulls at the heart strings and your wordplay is excellent!


    • Thank you so much! That means a lot. I am now wondering why it took me so long to get back to poems. Isn’t it weird how we get used to doing some type of craft or something and then it just seems to fade? I am happy to be back to poetry now, although Charles still whoops my ass in output. Competitive little bugger. 🙂


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