When Words are not enough

Trees 015
How many different ways
Can I say three little words?
Do you hear them in the sky
In the song of meadow birds?

When words are not enough
Yet they are all I have to give
When we are still in infancy
Before we begin to truly live

Is the sound of my discourse,
our only intimate caress
Enough to make you believe
That my love is endless?

How many other ways might I
Express my heart to you
And tell you of the ways I care
And help you understand I do?

How many seasons shall change
As we endure the coldness of alone
How many words I will whisper
To remind you I am your own

As leaves fall from trees in Autumn,
leaving but empty branch  behind,
I will still whisper that I love you
I love you deeply, always, blind

45 thoughts on “When Words are not enough

  1. Sometimes words are enough and I would imagine hearing them is quite comforting. I know how you feel though, sometimes you wonder if the other person understands, I would imagine they do.


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