I’m sorry I suck A$$

Domesticated 101So I’m going to be away for the weekend. Which means missing blog posts and such.

See, I have this book to write and….I’m not. Because I love WordPress. I love your blogs. I love all of you. That is why I find it so difficult to tear myself away from you and actually accomplish much of anything else. So I am going to be strong. I am going to be tough. I am going to write this fucking book even if it kills me. I am going to say all of these things so you all know that I will probably see you tomorrow anyway because I talk big and then can’t back it up.

At least it was honest. β™₯


Oh yeah, I didn’t want this to be completely pointless so, if you haven’t checked her out yet, go check out Katie over at

The D/A Dialogues.

She’s awesome:)





42 thoughts on “I’m sorry I suck A$$

  1. I’m glad you explained the photo. I actually thought maybe you were going to ride a donkey along the beach! πŸ™‚ Happy writing! I’m going to take inspiration from you and go write some thank you notes I’ve been procrastinating on!


  2. Enjoy your time being creative Ionia and don’t worry about our posts they aren’t going anywhere in most cases…I took the advice John, (your author of the week,) gave me on my post yesterday and that was to just write which I finally got around to doing last night that resulted in four paragraphs for my story that I am satisfied with…happy no, satisfied yes… I will be working on it again tonight I hope…


  3. We will miss you (says the girl who is supposed to be offline… yeah, I’m getting there – and I really will be off this weekend. Honest). Good luck with your writing – I feel your pain.

    I had to do a double take at the end of your post – it was a ‘Hey, that’s me!!” moment! Thank you, Ionia – that’s a big ol’ grin that will last for the rest of my afternoon! I am so lucky! πŸ™‚ Thank you, thank you, thank you!


  4. Don’t know how your brain/body connection works, but I get up really early, 4:30-ish, and write first thing for a few hours. Then can do other stuff. Like earn a living, sometimes.

    Two pieces of advice have helped me.

    In “On Writing”, Stephen King describes the metaphor he uses for self-discipline. He describes his belief that he has a muse who waits for him daily. If King shows up, the muse works with him. If not, the muse doesn’t hang around. Of course, Stephen King being Stephen King, he describes his muse as a cigar-chomping, tough guy. When I wake up early, and am about to roll over, I think, “Gotta go meet the muse.”

    Chalres Bukowski says that writing a novel “should hurt like passing a hot turd.” Good old Chuck.

    My opinion, self-condemnation reinforces bad habits, not good ones. Positive strokes reinforce desired behavior. If you post regularly what you’ve accomplished, whether it’s 100 words or 3 pages, I know your friends here will cheer you on. And if it’s research, that you accomplished, or taking a long walk to think about your work, that’s fine. Eventually, it has to get onto paper, but everything you do towards that goal is praiseworthy.

    You’re one of the Good Ones, Ionia. Give yourself a hug and move on.


  5. Go on. Get outta here. You’ll be missed. But we’ll all be the better for it.
    I want to know, by the way, what it is you’re working on.


  6. I know you probably have about twenty by now, but I had to choose from people that I truly care about and inspire me, so I nominated you for another Award Mentor Ionia; this time it is the Sunsine Blogger Award. Just come by and pick it up. I know you’ve gone through all the motions with the Awards, so you can disregard the rules http://wp.me/p38Uaw-bf (although I really would love to know ten random things about you!) πŸ˜€ Thank you for bringing a lot of laughter and light into my world.


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