My friend and fellow author’s brand new blog

Can you all do me a favour? I know, I know I am always asking you to go look at something. Please? Pretty please?

I have a friend (no, really, someone actually likes me enough to call me that) who has a brand new wordpress blog. He is about to publish his first new adult novel and this guy is going to blow up the scene. (Plus ladies…he’s not hard on the eyes either…nudge, nudge…)

So what are you waiting for? Go check him (or his site) out. Find him here:

If you tell him I sent you he might just give you one of those patented Devon eye rolls.:)




42 thoughts on “My friend and fellow author’s brand new blog

  1. Done – very happy to support a friend of Ionia’s. . . Plus, I think I just gave the ladies here in the Customer Service Department hot flashes of a different kind… pretty pretty! 😉


  2. Hello – I did check out Devon’s site – looks totally cool and i am intrigued to read a romance novel written by a guy. i personally am no way interested in romance right now (I personally think guys suck – thanks to the guy I am trying desperately to get over and let go) but I am willing to check out his work:) i am thinking it was his eyes………..xx


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