Minions, minions everywhere

So, I love those Despicable Me minions. This might be partially because short, fair-haired little guys that don’t make sense remind me of Charles.

Regardless, I first encountered my recent minion addiction when Dean over at Deanz Doodlez
Posted one he had drawn on his blog. Being the stellar guy he is, he sent it to me. I now believe he is a magician, or a voodoo priest. Since displaying the drawing in my office, curiously, more and more minions keep showing up.

Allow me to demonstrate:



As anyone who knows me will tell you I collect minions on WordPress to do my bidding I love those little yellow guys. Still, everywhere I go I see sets of eyes watching me. Little googly eyes. Minion eyes. I blame Dean.

If you haven’t checked out his blog please do so now at the little linky thing up there.

His latest artwork is pretty awesome. I told him I wanted a sensitive Hulk, and look what he did. See ladies, even the big guys can have heart:)


So go say hi to him. Make a request:) he might surprise you as he always does when I visit:)

Also if this post is shite blame my iPhone. WordPress wasn’t functioning on my laptop.

Xoxo I


89 thoughts on “Minions, minions everywhere

  1. I used to work at Best Buys corporate campus, which came with a few perks from time to time. When big movies came out there would often be a promotional event held onsite. When Despicable Me came out, who should appear but…minions! 2 life sized minions just wandering around, waving and posing for pictures. If we could go back in time, I would introduce you.


  2. Like you, I have a fondness for minions… The kind that are willing to blindly sacrifice themselves for the cause…. Whatever that cause may be. Usually the cause is venturing to the nearest Walmart, but that can be dangerous sometimes… Ask Charles. He’ll verify the truth of this. I’m assuming Walmart is not everywhere in the world yet. Correct me if I’m wrong… And if I’m wrong, hail Walmart, Lord of the Universe.


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