A comment turned into a valuable post

So WordPress is being stuuupid and refuses to let me reblog this, so I stole it. Here is a comment from my Sexy post earlier that I thought deserved a separate post.

This is from http://ramblingsofabipolarwoman.wordpress.com/author/ramblingsofabipolarwoman/
Now onto what I had to say to her blog….what makes someone sexy in my eyes? Well, let me tell you just that….

Oh my goodness, there are so many good responses that I have read. Each has their own definition and well, mine goes along with what some have already said and more.

I do agree that upon seeing someone for the first time, initially looks have a lot to do with it. Though, as also stated before, an ugly personality can ruin any amount of good looks. To me, someone who is truly sexy is someone I am attracted to both their physical appearance and their personality. I have met people who I find physically appealing, but upon getting to know them, I can’t stand them. I have also met some people with wonderful personalities that while I do love them and know God finds beauty everywhere, I don’t personally find them sexy. It really is a combination of so many things….

I too have been attracted to musicians. If you can play an instrument and/or sing really well, I have been known to draw to them like a moth to a flame. Oddly enough, the man I fell head over heels with and so happy with now is NOT a musician, though he does have an intense love for music. Common interests definitely plays a role in things.

Confidence does as well, as long as it doesn’t go from being confident, loving who you are, and sure of yourself to arrogance. One who takes care of themselves and takes pride in their appearance is important, just don’t come across as thinking you’re the greatest there is. 😉

Kindness, a sense of sincere compassion towards others is a huge factor for me. Be one who is going to take care of themselves, but also be more than willing to lend a helping hand to someone in need, to be there for their friends, family, and community. A warm heart really does win me over.

Being able to speak your mind when needed is huge too, must be able to communicate, but also that ability to be confident in their silence as well is not to be overlooked.

As far as looks go, I tend to gravitate towards people with brown hair, striking eyes, and a warm smile. I can also appreciate a man who has nice muscles and lean, but firm figure…..not to be overdone though….just healthy and in shape. I don’t seek bodybuilders and such. 😉 I am happy the love of my life takes pride in his appearance and staying in shape. He also motivates me to do the same, another factor I find totally appealing….his genuine care for my health and well-being, as much as he cares about his own.

Being able to handle me, deal with my insane family, and keep calm is very big with me too. I am a bit much sometimes, but if you can stay patient, keep calm, and weather everything with me….you have earned some major sexy points. 😉

And yes, laughter….being able to smile, laugh, and find the joy in life is a MUST! There are times to be serious, you must be able to take care of things, know when to buckle down, know when not to make a joke of things….but if you’re too tightly laced, it doesn’t matter how gorgeous you first appear….I’ll soon look away. Being able to make me laugh is so important…..lucky to have found someone who knows how to make me laugh, even when my day is so very dark. Never overlook that factor in someone….their ability to make you smile and laugh. 😉

There are the lists that tell you who are today’s sexiest people….and some of them certainly make ya go…oh yeah, yum….but, ya wonder…if we were to actually meet them and get to know them….how many would we still say are legitimately sexy? Take away the cameras, make-up, fancy clothes, and strip them down to who they really are….who would we befriend? Who would we find as sexy inside as we do out? I wonder that from time to time….

That concludes what I had to say….for now. 😉 And if you’d like to chime in here as well, feel free. I’d like to know what you find truly sexy in another human being….


56 thoughts on “A comment turned into a valuable post

  1. Thief! You stoles it, my precious. 😉 Sorry, lame Lord of the Rings moment there. 😉 Awww, thank you, so humbled that liked what I had to say enough to post it by itself. Truly, I am blushing here. You dear lady, embodies sexiness by the very things you post, the kind words you say to others, the wisdom you offer, the literature you introduce us to, and well…you’re just awesome. So pretty lady, again, thank you for sharing what goes on in your mind with me, with all of us and thank you for supporting my blog, means so much to me!


  2. Great post. I must concur on all of the same points. Right now tho, I have no interest. My boys – they will be heartbreakers;) – many a chick will find them sexy.


  3. I don’t want to believe that looks matter… but they do, in some way or another. Oh great.. here was a mature conversation going on and I am saying silly things. I think I am talking my age after quite very long.. I am an old soul actually, so, i tend to know a person first before regarding anything else. My first crush was a girl who was my friend for about 6-7 months already. I know it is out of context but thought of sharing… 🙂 sometimes I can’t stop myself from writing. 😀


  4. truly awesome comment/post!
    my husband always asks me what I see in him because, in his opinion, he’s a gorilla or something and I have such a hard time explaining it to him. I should just have him read this post…it’ll explain it better that I ever could! LOL


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