Do you know what amazes me at the cinema?

What bothers you at the Cinema?


11 thoughts on “Do you know what amazes me at the cinema?

  1. People talking on their cellphones and I get in trouble for sticking partially eaten Twizzlers in their ears or nose. Target depends on if I’m in front or behind them. People bringing their infant or toddler to a Rated-R movie. Cold popcorn with enough salt to eradicate slugs from the planet. That couple in the back having sex and getting mad when you give them a score.


  2. Don’t forget the person behind you kicking your seat throughout the entire movie. I actually had someone put their feet next to my head in the crack between my seat and the one next to mine… I was livid that day.


  3. This is great – I was going to do a similar post. Me and The Bloke go to the cinema almost weekly, and there’s always someone that irritates me – screaming kids, kicking my seat, eating with open mouths, talking… People are so inconsiderate…


  4. I can’t get past Charles’s comment about people having sex in a movie theater. A drive-in theater, sure (been there, done that), but a regular open theater?! Somehow I think that’s worse than finding gum on the arm rest.
    I have the usual (less exotic) gripes about audiences in movie theaters: people talking, cell phone usage, kids screaming, popcorn farting (the smell of buttered popcorn nauseates me … ever since I saw The Blair Witch Project and had to race to the ladies room and hurl, I can barely tolerate the smell). For these reasons we try to go at off-times, like when there’s a football game in town. But generally, we’re going to movies less and less often as the years go by. It used to be a great way to get away from the summer heat, but I don’t think there’s many movies any more that I wouldn’t just be happy to stream on my TV. Perhaps the greatest annoyance of all is just how goddamn expensive movie tickets are, even at matinees and with the senior discount 😉


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