Author of the Week

This week’s author of the week is a very talented gentleman who is celebrating the release of his newest book. He is sharp as a tack, a lot of fun to talk to and runs an excellent blog you can find by going here:king midget’s ramblings



buy Weed Therapy

buy One Night in Bridgeport

Let’s spread the word about Mark’s books! If you would be so kind to tweet, share on FB and reblog it would be much appreciated!


18 thoughts on “Author of the Week

  1. Oo neat. Weed Therapy… funny enough, I know exactly what he means with that… there is kind of a therapy with pulling weeds… (not that the book is about pulling weeds). I shall have to check it out. Congratulations King Midget!! (I think your link to his website might be broken).


    • You might be surprised to discover the very spiritually moving story behind the title Weed Therapy. I read it on his site. We could all use a little weed therapy. I was probably thinking like you, and I think he expects people too.


      • Thank you for your kind words. It’s a struggle. I had to name it that, but I know it creates confusion. Hopefully, that confusion won’t be a detraction.


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  3. Thank you Ionia and to all of your readers who are spreading the word. One can only wonder if you all understand how much it means to me that you are helping put the word out. Thank you are the only two words I can use and they don’t begin to scratch the surface.


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