L<3ve to Travel? check this out:)

My friend and fellow author Bonnie Kassel has been writing travel pieces for the Huffington Post. Huffington! That is huge! Please take a moment to go visit her at either of these links and see what she has been up to.



Congratulations Bonnie!




You can also check out her memoir "Without a Spare" here

10 thoughts on “L<3ve to Travel? check this out:)”

  1. Huffington Post Wow! I loved the articles. She is also taking cooking lessons as she travels. That is so cool. I have always wanted to do that I love the title to her book and I know my daughter would love the book also 🙂


  2. You just seem to know all the people that matter. I feel as though I’m following the parade scooping up elephant poop, again. I didn’t even know Huffington Post did travel and such…thought it was all politics. Guess I’ve got to get out more often, or at least get out from behind the parade.


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