Perv: The Sexual Deviant in All of US by Jesse Bering

Perv: The Sexual Deviant in All of UsPerv: The Sexual Deviant in All of Us by Jesse Bering





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A groundbreaking argument that perversions are more common than we think, from everyone’s favorite provocateur.

In his eye-opening new book, Perv, the award-winning columnist and psychologist Jesse Bering argues that we are all sexual deviants on one level or another. As Bering takes us into the lives of a woman who falls madly in love with the Eiffel Tower, a young man addicted to seductive sneezes, and an octogenarian who derives pleasure from pretending to be a baby, among others,
he challenges us to move beyond our judgments and attitudes toward “deviant” sex and consider the alternative: What would happen if we rise above our fears and revulsions and accepted our true natures?
With his signature wit and irreverent style, Bering pulls back the curtains on the history of perversions, the biological reasons behind our distaste for unusual sexual proclivities, and the latest research on desire. Armed with reason, science, and an insatiable appetite for knowledge, he humanizes deviants while asking some very provocative questions about the nature of
hypocrisy, prejudice, and when sexual desire can lead to harm.
A groundbreaking look at our complex relationship with our carnal urges and the ways in which we disguise, deny, and shame the sexual deviant in all of us, Perv brings our hidden desires into the light.


My Thoughts:

*WARNING: DO not read this book if you are the type that is offended by…almost anything. More specifically by things of a frank sexual nature. Don’t say I did not warn you. However, if you are perv like me that is disturbed by little and finds humour in negative spaces, then please by all means, proceed.*

This is an interesting book. I mean interesting in multiple ways. While clearly the author is highly educated and knows quite a lot about human sexuality and the forces that drive deviant behaviour, this is not your typical textbook look at said situation.

Instead, this author uses a humorous approach to recounting his own experiences and gives his opinion on the matters at hand. He is very open, honest and I found him entertaining, although it should be noted that his non-religious views may offend some as he does not hold back when speaking of his disbelief in a higher power.

I am not sure there is a single subject in the realm of deviance that this author did not explore. There are moments that will make you blush, a few that might make your stomach turn and many more still that will make you think about civilisation as a whole and how we came to be how we are. One thing I really did enjoy about this book was his nonpartisan attitude. This author does not make harsh judgments against anyone, but simply gives the reader a chance to view things from an objective perspective. He does not try to influence your beliefs, yet feels comfortable enough to offer his own opinion.

While I did not agree with all of the author’s views, I did see things his way a good number of times. I was happy to see that he had included the findings of the psychologist Daniel Wegner, as his study has shed light on a number of different fields through the theories he has formed and the evidence he has provided to support those theories.

Overall, this was the interesting type of book that will invade your thoughts (for the good and bad) for a long time after reading it. If you can look at things analytically without feeling too emotionally attached or becoming easily enraged, this would be a good book for you. I would not recommend it to those who offend easily, but the title should have told you that much anyway.

This review is based off of a digital ARC from the publisher and Netgalley.

12 thoughts on “Perv: The Sexual Deviant in All of US by Jesse Bering”

  1. With me being a peviant…which is a cross between a pervert and a deviant myself, I am certain that I would enjoy this book. Thanks for sharing your opinions in review..


  2. It would appear we are wired in our own way and we want what we want. To quote a delightful young man who was taken waaaay to early (26) “Geeze I’m glad I get off easily” LOL! Its true! Some people need to go such elaborate, time consuming lengths. Good luck to them. May they achieve satisfaction! I would not judge and perhaps I am a little dull. I think I will I will pass on the book but it is a fascinating topic!.


  3. The title and cover is def eye catching! I think it’s interesting to read books outside of your comfort zone. I mentioned to a coworker that I was reading 50 Shades and she went on to say how it was poorly written smut. I said, that might be but sometimes you just have to enjoy the story for the sake of the story. If that makes any sense at all?!


    1. It does make sense. I found this book interesting, whereas others would scoff at it or get riled over the author’s POV on certain issues. I think everyone should just read what they enjoy, who is to say if something is poorly written or not, something is only worth what someone will pay for it, no?


  4. I’ve reached the point where near nothing offends me, so I’m good to go. And negative space strikes of humor are for the truly humor-deviated – I’m there. I think psychs have been saying we’re all closet frothers in some deeply held emotional part of our lives…since Freud, or probably before. There are so many deviant foreigners running around small third world towns and villages, the ones who have been excommunicated from the “puritan soul” of the Western World, it makes for some interesting acquaintances, and the occasional real quick Friend Break-Up, when they start feeeling comfortable enough to let their true colors show. Whheeeeew-Weeeeeeee….what a fun stage we strut and fret upon.


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