Tennessee…Land of country music that I don’t listen to and a big event for work this weekend involving lots of a certain author’s superfans. It should be fun. I will be gone the entire weekend. I am leaving Pam and S.K. in Charge for the weekend so everyone better behave.


Okay, so other




I go in on Monday morning for cyberknife. If all goes according to plan, I will walk in with Cancer, and walk out without it. I will get off chemo. I will live again and rise from the ashes like the fucking phoenix I think I am.


As an additional note: I am so sorry that I have been out of commission and missing so much lately, you guys. I really do love you. I’m hoping after a few days of rest next week, I might be back to normal (as normal as I have ever been–look at my friends.) I know I have a lot of sorrys to pass out like snow cones (don’t eat the yellow ones I have male dogs and male children but they can all spell their names) so here you go.


Charles is sorry.





133 thoughts on “Going to Tennessee and WHOOPING CANCER’S ASS ON MONDAY

      • I don’t have the vaguest clue what to do, but I will come up with something. I can only imagine that any attempt I make will fall short, but I’ll do my best.
        You look out for yourself while you’re doing the ass whooping (laying the smack-down, whatnot and what have you). You’ve got so many people on here looking out for you, hoping for good things. Everybody will be looking out for Charles for you too, I’m sure.
        Well-wishes! šŸ™‚


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