Before I go …

If you could all take a moment to throw a few extra squirrels at Charles today and keep him preoccupied that would be great. Do not afford him the time to worry, stress, curse and so on that he usually does when he is stressed.




Also, I thought it would be appropriate if I announced that I am breaking up with CANCER today. We have had a long, tumultuous relationship and I believe breaking up publicly is a good idea. This way when he wants to come back you can all back up the fact that I said “hell no.” I will take the house car and kids, you take the damaged cells and Fuck off. I dedicate this song to you cancer.



Also, for all of those of you who are going with me today, John offered to take us all to an Irish pub afterward. WOOT!

45 thoughts on “Before I go …

  1. Best wishes and best of luck to you! You can beat this. Sending love and yankee hugs and hoping cancer is terrified of your swear words–don’t be afraid to give him some colorful ones.


  2. Happy Hour last night seemed to go on until they rolled up the beach…guess it was a pre-emptive celebration in your honor. This world works in weird ways. Would throwing Charles at squirrels be even more distracting? My chemo year was hell without squirrels, but I’m waking up every day after three doctors told me I probably wouldn’t…the same wishes and better to you – the waking up every day part, not the chemo hell or Charles tossing.


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