Phoenix Rising; Dedicated to You

Beautiful words, spirit and photos.


Dedicated to all the Phoenixes in my life who are rising from the fire and ashes, into the clarity of blue sky. To Ionia, Marilyn and Belinda, especially, but also to some special guy friends who are fighting the dark clouds, some women-sisters who struggle with what life has thrown at them recently and all those in the midst of grief/depression/fear/angst and physical ailments.

Yesterday I finally forced myself to get to the beach and out of my cave. I had an incredible photographic journey that lifted my spirits. Even without the camera, it was spectacular…the kind of feeling that resonates in your center. It makes it that much better that I DID have the camera and can share these with you. I will upload the other photos on my site soon.

Please send reading photos of you, friends or family…new ones up tomorrow. Send to 1writeplacewordpress at gmail…

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