This is an Ionia Martin and Charles Yallowitz production:




Ionia: Hey, Charles? I had something to do tomorrow at 9:45, but I can’t remember what it was…

Charles: 9:45? That does sound familiar?

Ionia: Didn’t you say you had something to do at nine-forty-five as well?

Charles: That’s right. I had that thing at nine colon forty-five. It’s an important thing.

Ionia: Colon? At 9:45? Is it something medical? Getting older is hell…

Charles: Possibly. Do you remember anything about what you have at 9:45?

Ionia: I don’t but it is just at the edge of me brain…uhm was it…9:44? No that was before 9:45. ..

Charles: It’s certainly not 9:46 because that’s after 9:45. Does your brain need a tune up?

Ionia: I think getting another year older seems to have frozen the cogs a bit. Okay, so we both have something to do at 9:45 but technically yours will be done at 6:45 and mine will be done at 12:45 because we are opposites?

Charles: Ye . . . no. I think I’m at 9:45 EST and you’re at 9:45 PST, which is 12:45 my time. So, you should be going in as I’m coming out. Time zones are such a pain.

Ionia: Well don’t get PST off at me. I told you my cogs were frozerated

Charles: Maybe your cogs are going to be thawed at 9:45.

Ionia: Okay so what you are saying is that these things we have to do that we can’t remember what it is we are doing are going to take place around 9:45 tomorrow. It will be nine forty five with a three hour differential meaning when I rise at six forty five you will have already seen 9:45 and when I go in at 9:45 it will already be noon:45 there, no? Makes perfect sense.

Charles: Makes perfect sense to me. It’s always 9:45 somewhere, I guess. Though not the 9:45‘s that we’re talking about.

Ionia: Two piña coladas one for each time zone. Hey, good luck at 9:45

Charles: I’ve got the celebratory frozen yogurt. Enjoy and good luck with your 9:45 too.

Ionia: What should we call this post? How about 9:45

Charles: I have it as 9:45 right now. Scheduling it for 9:45 tonight. I’m also writing ‘This is an Ionia Martin and Charles Yallowitz production:’ at the beginning.

Ionia: Charles, would you stop fucking saying 9:45 every one knows it is forty five minutes after nine…or is it a quarter to ten? Or forty-five past nine…or….. 9:45 😦

Charles: I have to keep saying 9:45. Otherwise, people might not get the importance. Also, I might forget it.

Ionia: Charles?

Charles: Ionia? 9:45?

Ionia: 9:45

Charles: Oh! nine FORTY five. I get it now.

Ionia: Okay, I think we’re good lol

Charles: At least until 9:45.

Ionia: Alway9s have to ha:ve the las4t wor5d

Charles: 2h:6?

Ionia: 9:45. 🙉

Charles: Fine. We’ll call it a draw. Rematch at 9:45?

Ionia: 👅 On the dot. One more thing…

Charles: Yes?

Ionia: Noodle

Charles: Bubble butt

Ionia: Only at 9:45


36 thoughts on “9:45

  1. ahhh I wish my brain were functioning right now… its still as cryptic to me as it was on Charles’ blog… but I did enjoy the banter between you guys…


      • I know how that is. On the same hand, TJ, I would like you to know that from my perspective, you are one of my favourite reasons for being on WordPress. Not many people stand up for what they believe in, write things that are not only fun to read but that you remember later and make others laugh, smile and think all at the same time. I believe we have become friends, over words and gargoyles. And I value it.


      • I also value your friendship Ionia, there are a few bloggers I have come to think of as friends and you and Charles are definitely two of them… and I apologize today has just been a very emotionally draining day because of my blog….


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