For a friend

Flower 016

In case any of you have managed to miss her blog, please pay a visit to my friend over at Busy Mind Thinking


She is one of those rare sources of light in this world. She lives in pain, is recovering from severely life changing trauma and yet is truly and completely one of the kindest, most generous people I have ever met. She is the kind of person that can chase away a rain cloud and make the sun shine again with a kind word and a smile. If you don’t know her yet, please go take a moment to visit her and say hello. It will be the highlight of your week, guaranteed.


This song is for you, My friend.



27 thoughts on “For a friend

  1. Very wonderful tribute! Her poetry and pictures always bring a smile to my face. Thank you for doing this for her. I’m glad I checked wordpress to catch this post instead of going straight to bed. Now I have the sniffles. Hand me some tissues please…


  2. wonderful shout out for a remarkable person, I am a big fan of Belinda…I think she is one of the exceptionally beautiful souls in this world…
    I am glad the light is shining again at Readful Things Ionia…just so you know you are one of those beautiful souls also…


  3. I have been ill today and absent mainly. I signed on and found this. My son wondered why I was sitting at the table crying…thinking I was feeling more ill; then he understood my happy tears. Ionia, you inspire and motivate me and I am too deeply moved to explain what this post felt like inside. All my love as you continue your journey. You give me strength. I really don’t know what to say or how to explain what I’m feeling. xoxo


  4. Reblogged this on Busy Mind Thinking and commented:
    I have been absent here most of the day; then I signed on and saw this. Words fail me. How do you say thank you for something like this? How can you convey how deeply the love of friends moves you? I can’t. I simply can’t. Much love Ionia, you’re my inspiration as you journey your own path to health.


  5. This is so lovely – beautiful words for a beautiful person written from a beautiful place and beautiful heart. I do not mean to overuse the word, but it is true. We need more beauty in this world and I do not mean of the pretty type ( though you are both pretty πŸ™‚ The beauty of mind and heart and spirit and friendship – this is what the world needs more of. Yes I ended in a preposition. ;). xxxx


  6. Such true words. Belinda never ceases to inspire and impress me. My world is sunnier because of her. And because of you as well. The strength, beauty, and resiliency that you both have keeps me in awe.


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