My New header :)





My fantastic new header is courtesy of Dean over at Deanz Doodlez. He is now accepting commissions and his rates are beyond reasonable in case any of you would like to have a personal touch for your own blog:)

You can contact him here:


Thank you Dean, for making me such a great header and for all the other amazing things you do:)


Another Artist you should check out and creator of my former header (Now my laptop wallpaper)Ā  is Green Embers. I don’t know if he is accepting commissions as well, but it never hurts to bug him about it anyway.

You can find him at :

Green Embers


Even if you aren’t looking for an artist for any particular reason, go check out their lovely sites and enjoy their talent.


42 thoughts on “My New header :)

  1. Big thick books, not much better than that except maybe a big cupcake! I love it. It looks cool with the little hook that drops down on your blog, like it is saying, “Get hooked on books!”


  2. Reminds me of a phrase from the time cricket (a sport popular in India) matches started at night. One of the biog players wore a T-shirt that said “Big boys play at night”.
    How about “big girls like big books”? šŸ™‚


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