Scrivener: A New to Me Writing Tool; The Hard Way or The Easy Way?

What do you guys think?

S.K. Nicholls

My husband bought me Scrivener, a writing tool for organization and more. I think it was in self-defense.

I am forever jotting down notes on whatever is handy, note paper, scratch paper, gum wrappers, printing out reams of computer pages for reference.  I have a ton of memos on my desk.  The names, dates, people, and places I want to remember.  Little tidbits of things I cannot forget.  Long summations of things I have put together. Story arcs, timelines, outlines, plot lines, scenes, character profiles, names, dates, people, places, all scribbled down somewhere.

I am also constantly asking myself, sometimes out loud, “Where did I write this or that?”  Followed by, “I know I had that somewhere!”

I wrote my first novel everywhere; on the kitchen table, the table on the back porch, at my desk.  Notes and papers were scattered everywhere.  It was truly amazing that I managed to…

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10 thoughts on “Scrivener: A New to Me Writing Tool; The Hard Way or The Easy Way?

  1. Thanks for the reblog. I am actually doing the tutorial right now. It took me a few minutes just to figure out how to start the tutorial. haha! Things will get better i am sure. Still have not cleaned off my desk.


  2. I cannot tell you how much I love Scrivener. It takes just a bit of getting used to, but not much—I found David Hewson’s book to be very helpful. If for nothing else, it formats for epub or the Kindle in a FLASH. Amazing. (And there is so much else . . . .)

    I used it extensively with the Perdita Whacknoodle books to test formatting ideas, and to proof on the Kindle, which seems to me to be an important step. I’ve also used it to put other, non-book things on the Kindle, and just that one feature is worth the price. But, as I said, there is SO much more.

    People generally hate software—but most reviews I’ve seen of Scrivener range from adulation to worship. And I agree with those people.


  3. I’ve been doing the notebook or loose leaf method, scattered writing locations, drawers of papered research and timelines plus the rest. The only rarity was with my classic 50’s typewriter that I now worship instead of use. PC is my last resort so unless the program can scan and decipher my scribble I doubt it would do me any good. That being said, sounds like a great program for people who don’t wait until the last moment to jot their work down on the computer.


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