Phantoms and Ravens

It was a masked man
a phantom
I fell in love with
long ago

It was the sweetest sound
of symphony
that set my heart aglow

Shattered dreams, black swans
and then came the raven
I sang to him, an angel’s song
and he became my haven

Countless hours calling
to my love sweet and divine
ghostly phantom always watching
the role meant to be mine

The age old melodrama, lyric soprano
tenor, timbre in return
Just as I unmask him, I bid him farewell
Not allowed to enjoy his embrace
pointless now to yearn

walking away I shed a tear for us
a broken coloratura soprano
a lost and longing baritone
We came so close to perfection
I thought I had found home

Then returned this raven
leaving me no choice
he took my hope, my soul away
and along with it my voice

Perhaps Poe was right
with his chant of nevermore
Never shall I sing again
with audience on the floor

The final Arioso
the foretold curtain call
the rise that took 20 years
took just seconds to fall


26 thoughts on “Phantoms and Ravens

  1. Subject is haunting. Words crafted well. Twenty years of rise and seconds to fall. You spoke for a lot of us here. maybe if we clap long enough you will return. *clap clsp clap clap clap” Whoa I need a shot!


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