Anne Rice Goodreads interview

Anne Rice Goodreads Interview

The pronunciation of my  name was slaughtered for a good cause


56 thoughts on “Anne Rice Goodreads interview

  1. This is too much that your question was selected! Who cares about the name?…We know who you are 🙂 ( and we are who really counts) I wonder if Sarah got to see this? I had emailed her, or FB’d her about it after getting the invitation, and she said she didn’t get one even tho she has most all of her books marked as read. Was really cool to see. I had gotten caught up in my own Scrivener stuff today and did not even notice until you made your post. thank you so very much for sharing!


  2. Reblogged this on mybrandofgenius and commented:
    For anyone who might like to see it and missed the Anne Rice Interview at Goodreads. Or for anyone who loves Ionia just as much as I do…you can watch her name get muddled in the interview! Of course she took it well.


  3. I didn’t know goodreads did author chats like this, pretty cool. Even more cool is she gets to butcher your name! 🙂 I haven’t finished listening to it yet but can’t wait to get to your question.


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