Thanksgiving Project – I am Loved

Everyone else start telling her happy birthday too. Only nine more days:)

Year 'Round Thanksgiving Project

Today has been a Monday – all day long.  And a typical Monday too.  Why do they always seem harder and longer than Tuesday or Wednesday?

Oh well, it will be over soon and then I’m heading out for dinner with some high school pals.

But the brightest (probably the only bright) spot of my day was seeing the avalanche of birthday cards in the mailbox.  I bet the postman wonder what the heck is going on?  But there they were, numbered – one for each day of the month until my birthday.  So, I opened the first 9 (halfway there).  

I have been smiling all day.  And I turn and see them on my desk and they make me smile all over again.  Oh how nice it is to feel loved.  Thank you, Ionia, for making me feel special.  And for the little notes in each one…

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