Prayers for Bernie

So I went to do stuff I really didn’t want to do today. I won’t go into details because I will whine and nothing ruins a great rant like some whiny bitching.

Onto my rant.

As I was in the courtyard of this building I really didn’t want to be at a huge dog came lumber-limping across the garden toward me. St. Bernard and ?? Your guess is as good as mine. So there is no one else around. The dog has a collar but no tags.

I wait a moment…huge dog—not so huge me. I reach for him to let him s off me and at first he cowers a bit. He circles me then comes back. I take off walking and he follows me. I begin talking to him (yep. I’m one of those.) and tell him to lead the way. He’s panting madly. Trying to find water. No fountains in working order anywhere. Other than the courtyard fountain which has…ugh…floating in it.

We walk, he leads then stops to wait for me. I fall in love. I get disgusted with no water and march him through the opera house, past two stages and back to the service kitchen. People don’t like me there anymore but I got him some fucking water!

The dog stinks.

But not like dog stink.

Like rotting flesh oh my word what did you roll in that died a while back stinks.

I notice him favoring his hip, so I take him to a picnic table and check him out. Guess what I find?

A bullet wound in his flank, bullet still included.

So longer story shorter–the dog is at the vet. He is staying at casa dรจ fixme until the A) find his owner and ensure they had nothing to do with it or B) call me to come get him.

Who the fuck does this to an animal? What the hell people.

Here is my opinion: the person who did this deserves to be shot in the arse and left to suffer too. I am disgusted with humanity right now.

I hope you rot in hell whoever you are.

His name is now Bernie. So send out a prayer to the innocent four legged friend we made today people.

And I posted this from my phone while pissed off so forgive my typos.



72 thoughts on “Prayers for Bernie

  1. He is a beautiful beastie, and you are a beautiful person for rescuing him! I am so thankful there are people out there like you, who will help others in their time of need. Good job, Ionia!


  2. He’s so cute and happy. I second your motion on shooting the shooter in the arse. I think steps should be taken to prevent this person from breeding too. We need less morons in the gene pool. I hope Bernie recovers quickly. You’re an amazing person for taking care of him.


  3. Ionia, if you do find out who did this to him, may I enjoy the mental image of you, yes, emptying a few rounds in his arse (why stop at one bullet)? Only the lowest of the lowest would ever harm a being more vulnerable than themselves. And the dear dog definitely knew a good soul when he saw one.


  4. This is one of the many reasons you are so easy to love! I am thankful you have Bernie and I have no idea why such cruelty exists! I’d be pissed off too! And I don’t use the word pissed off ever – but this is maddening! Huge hugs for your never ending kindness. Much love, Belinda


  5. I’m all for the arse shot…the rotten bastard. It is so wonderful that you took him in. No animal deserves that kind of treatment it just makes me sick! What ever happened to man’s (woman’s) best friend. You have such a big heart that this puts back a little of my faith in humanity.


  6. I hate to get all CSI here, but did the vet report it to the police? Is the bullet traceable? There may be more to this story than meets the eye, like a drive by shooting of some sort? Okay, enough detective, but plenty of kudos for your heroic save! I can’t believe the cruelty in this world.


  7. Tears my heart out, this stuff does! Animals have become so domesticated that they need us and trust us, then this shit happens. Makes me want to rip off somebody’ head. You are so kind to get him water…no matter whether they like you in the Opera House or not. i hope he fares well and gets back with his owners if they are good people.


  8. Thank you so much for being who you are and doing what you do, using that big heart of yours to make life better for those around you, people or animals, in a real, immediate and loving way. Sure, I’ll send Bernie my prayers, and look forward to hearing a happy ending on this one! Blessings, H xxxx


  9. Ionia, that was a good and decent thing you do there. I would disagree, however, that whomever did that to that dog was a human being. The dog is probably more human than the person that shot him. I’m working out a new definition of humanity. I think.

    Don’t mind me. Hopefully, the one’s responsible will get theirs.


  10. Bless you for taking Bernie to the kitchen and taking the time to see what was wrong. Jesus blessed those who gave a cup of cold water to someone in His name, and I’m sure a dog counts! You are a lovely person, and I hope Bernie’s owners (assuming they’re good people) find him or that he finds a new home. With you? Let us know.

    I was just out in the barn milking my cow, and I kept telling her what a good girl she is. It makes me marvel that an animal that produces milk for her baby gives it up willingly to her human (because if she didn’t give it up, I couldn’t get it out!) and stands patiently waiting the whole while. God has created animals with such a capacity for loyalty, but some humans take advantage of it. I guess some would call them “animals,” but they don’t deserve the name!


    • This brought tears to my eyes! You are so right. I can’t help but think how much stronger animals are than we. We would rarely be seen walking around with a bullet in our hip and still be kind to others, I suspect.


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