Board Stiff by Piers Anthony

Piers. I Love Thee. You make my job so easy.


Okay, so if you know me, then you know. I don’t go fan girl over anyone. Nope not impressed. I will, however go fangirl over a great book. Know what the world needs? More riddles. Yep. Ever more riddles and things that make us stop and think, make us laugh or just make the act of reading more pleasurable. Welcome to Board Stiff. This is # 38 in the Xanth Series. You can pre order this book


(Available on the 17th of December)

Board Stiff Xanth # 38

In case you missed that, I said:



Now on to my review.


I gave this book five stars, but would have given it more if the powers that be on the certain sites and Goodreads would have let me. Wait…I make the rules on this blog. I gave this book ten stars because I said so. (I apologise for when this review gets copied to those above mentioned sites.)

It has been far too long since I was able to revel in the world of Xanth. With the hilarious characters, riddles (love them) and the overall strangeness that is Piers Anthony, it is hard to go wrong. This book starts out with a few laughs and you get ever more of them as it progresses. There are those who are huge supporters of the riddles and then those who are not as much. I support thee riddles. It just wouldn’t be the same without them.

You can sort of figure out how the first couple of chapters are going to go, but after that it becomes a total mystery. There are so many new characters and places in this book that a Xanth fan will hardly know what to do with themselves. As always, the humour is the forefront of the novel and carries it well.

The main male lead is somewhat of a meathead, but of the loveable variety. He is the kind of guy you both want to bonk over the head and hug at the same time. I also thought he was a perfect love interest for the female lead.

The main female character is where the board in “Board Stiff” relates and is a charmer all the way around. She is sarcastic, witty and full of life. You never get “bored” listening to her thoughts and travelling along with her throughout the story. I loved that she was able to be a brute and a softie at the same time.

It would be hard to pick a favourite part of this book. There are so many places where you want to poke the person next to you and say “Hey…you have to read this.” I was impressed by this return to Xanth. It truly reminded me why I love this series so long. Also, it may comfort some other authors with reeeeealllly long series planned that it can be done and it can be done well.

This is one I have to recommend to all of you. If you haven’t checked out any of the other Xanth books, please do so. You can do so



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