An homage to Friday the 13th

On this special Friday when the dreams of murderers come true
I shall share an opinion on why horror films make me say WOOHOO!

Let’s hear it for the dumb chicks, running in high heels!
Take a moment to congratulate them on those soprano squeals.

The evil guy that never dies no matter what you seem to do
stabbing,shooting, running down or even running through

The smart guy who always says “I know who he is and why he does it!”
But never checks behind him before standing in front of the closet!

The second round of victims, college kids drunk and having sex
surprised they didn’t hear him rushing toward them like T-rex

The creepy chiller music, the base rattling your butt
then silence–something about to happen….

but you don’t know what….

That moment when you have to pee but refuse to leave the room
wondering why you do this at night and fearing your own doom

So here is my homage, to the psycho with the ax, that guy with the fingernails
and those two with the masks.

You make my world a better place, each 13th and Hallow’s Eve
I’m the only horror lover here, so everyone else leaves.

I hog all the popcorn, I get the beer for me, I polish my ax and my mask
enjoy a flick to get some ideas then set out on my task…..

Happy Friday the 13th EVERYONE! Don’t forget to look behind you….

45 thoughts on “An homage to Friday the 13th

  1. Hahahaha, so good. I have never ever understood the high heels and running or high heels and action stars. I would think any woman would want flats if they have to do any acrobatics. It actually kind of bugs me. 😕


  2. Terrific poem and honoring my favorite genre of movie. My youngest daughter is bugging me to go see Insidious 2 tonight since this is opening night…hmmm, sounds like a great idea. Love the poem and the classic movie references, well done my friend. 🙂


  3. Very nicely done. I laughed more than shuddered. Never was into the horror movie scene because you know it has to end well…but I do like shows like Criminal minds, which sometimes have the same sorts of forays.


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