Lakota the Miracle Cat (by Request)

PAnkaj Jyoti Barua over at

Wished to see this cat I hold in highest esteem, so here she is. My baby girl. You should really go check out his blog…it is really amazing.


24 thoughts on “Lakota the Miracle Cat (by Request)

  1. All I can say is WOW!!! He is so regal and handsome….I thinks he is either a Maine Coon or may be a cross with Maine Coon genes….Anyways, these things do not matter at all….He is a darling and I LOVE HIM…Thank you so much for sharing….Lakota Blue ROCKS!!!!!


  2. What a beautiful kitty! We had a cross between a siamese and a long haired farm cat once that looked like a eyes and all. His name was Snookums. Lakota is a pretty name. How did you decide on it?


      • Awe… scary when something like that happens…makes you want to cry, and you do cry…and now everything is all better 🙂 Snookums got ran over by a school bus, broke his leg, but it healed. they do that though, just dart right out without hesitation.


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