When the PapiZ says Post, we post…

You asked for it. Here it is. An IM/CY production in honour of out good friend Papizilla and Friday the 13th. You can see the challenge he has set forth here: http://theliterarysyndicate.com/2013/09/13/papi-prompts-2/

Hey, Charles?

Yes, Ionia?

I’m bored.

Uh oh….
Ionia: It was a dark and stormy night

Charles: When Papi the Pixie’s hummingbird took flight

Ionia: It gave the other Pixies a terrible fright

Charles: They thought he wasn’t very bright

Ionia: Then Charles swooped in to save the day

Charles: He kept the thirteen monsters at bay

Ionia: Friday the thirteenth, is what you say?

Charles: A phrase that fills all with dismay

Ionia: Bigfoot showed up and frightened Jason off

Charles: Then turned at the sound of Sahm’s cough

Ionia: I thought I saw a streak go by

Charles: Screaming that it did not want to die

Ionia: We do this and I wonder why?

Charles: Because it gives us such a high

Ionia: Plus I’d rather do this than write

Charles: I should be editing a scene with a drite

Ionia: Oh my…that just isn’t right….

Charles: Should I have tried to fly a kite?

Ionia: So…I wonder who is under the mask?

Charles: You would think one of his victims would ask

Ionia: Maybe if I just say please…

Charles: He won’t hack us at the knees

Ionia:I pull of the mask to reveal…
cookie monster? eating cookies?

14 thoughts on “When the PapiZ says Post, we post…”

  1. It was my cookie! Mine I say! 😀 Well done Ionia, that was funny. And Cookie Monster as the bad guy was epic. I could see that being made into a cheesy movie. Think Charles could pull off a Cookie Monster suit?


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