Gossima Threads (Adult Content)

This is such a beautiful poem! Check it out!

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Submitted by Willowdot21

The endless night stretches out in time.
I reach out and gently pull the gossima  thread that me binds.
I feel the void between us, cavernous and black.
Cold it is and deep. I pull the thread and ache, feeling the love I lack.
My hands go searching for delight as my mind slips away into the night.

Stars caress me I feel their touch as I pass
Their touch awakes a tingle deep inside as my fingers searching, grope and grasp.
Loneliness, for a few sweet moments is in exile
Longing banish for a short sweet while.
Limbs stretched to north and south
Sweet murmurs escaping from my mouth.

Senses heighten, every inch of skin tingles eyes wide and lips blood filled and full.
In and out  the gossima thread is pulled.
Oh! such aching torment my feelings swell  my body changing pounding Pulsing  Swelling breasts…

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