Death of a King by Andrew H. Vanderwall

Death of a KingDeath of a King by Andrew H. Vanderwal
One of history’s most turbulent times comes dramatically to life in this big, broad adventure novel. Twelve-year-old Alex, determined to get to the bottom of his parents’ disappearance, sets out on a quest to find them. An ambitious time-travel novel set in Scotland at the time of William Wallace, Death of a King explores the turbulence of the bloody late thirteenth century after King Alexander dies on his way to Kinghorn without leaving an heir to the throne. The country is thrown into chaos, and Alex must overcome many obstacles along his path. Full of humor, intrigue, bloodshed, battles, and suspense, Death of a King is a rollicking read told by a major voice in historical fiction.

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Might I begin this review with a personal truth? I hate time travel. No, really, I do. I tend to get disgusted with all of the flaws authors create in their books when they go off on a tangent about how time periods are soooo different from one another and lose sight of their intent.

I like this book. A lot.

I have noted some of the complaints in the other reviews of this book and whislt I do agree with them about the come and go of the Scottish accent, otherwise, I did not see the problem. This book made me laugh a lot.

The historical period was very well researched and I enjoyed the angle the book was approached from. It was hard to choose a favourite character although, for all ye Braveheart fans out there…William Wallace was extra awesome.

This novel has quite a few prominent characters, but they were handled well and it wasn’t confusing. There is a lot of action, interesting happenings and the journey was a fun one to take. I enjoyed the dialogue between the characters and thought the way the author introduced new characters was original and entertaining.

I would recommend this book to others. It kept me happy from beginning to end.

This review is based on a digital ARC from Netgalley and the Publisher.


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