The Interview…

The Interviewer has become the Interviewee… I was a nervous wreck, but Bianca was great. Please have a look if you have a moment–also, check out Bianca’s books. Worth the time, I promise.

46 thoughts on “The Interview…

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  2. Dear Reviewer,
    Is falling asleep while reading in the top five of best things ever or what?
    By the way, I have this book I’d like you to review. It’s incredible, a page-turner. You’ll love it. Interested?


  3. This was great by Bianca. (Although I never did get her site to allow me to post.) It was most refreshing to see an interview that did not seem to be a generic list of the same questions interviewers often ask. Ionia, you are one terrific lady. You have taught me so very much about writing and presenting myself as an author from one who reads prolifically. Your support of the indies is most admirable. Your reviews are the best.


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