Soul of Fire by Laura Anne Gilman

Soul of Fire (The Portals #2)Soul of Fire by Laura Anne Gilman

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I am on the fence, so to speak, about this novel. Whilst I have to congratulate the author on being able to put the contents of her vision on paper in such a dramatic and enticing way, there were also places in this book where I lost interest.

I thought the settings included in this story were amazing. I loved the rich textures and the vivid details Laura Anne Gilman included. Being in the midst of this story was somewhat like taking a vacation to another place where you are getting to see something beautiful through the character’s eyes.

One thing that made me particularly happy about this story was that the friendship between the women seemed very natural. Rather than being contrived or feeling like the author was trying to push two people who didn’t belong as friends into a situation where they would have no choice, this relationship formed very naturally.

I did wonder a little about the time frames in the book. It seemed that the sense of “We must hurry” was written, but not felt. I felt the pace was a bit slow for the type of action that was presented.This did not carry throughout the entire novel, only certain portions, which, thankfully were brief.

Still, this was a good book and it made want to read other novels by this author.

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      1. I’m writing a story for this week’s prompt, lol. Oddly I still have scary on the mind, it’s kind of a suspense/horror. I think I need to write a poem for it… kind of like a nursery rhyme poem. What homework are you doing?


  1. Ah, I feel you have described something here I am struggling with currently (with one project), I should probably read this and enjoy it… As well as take it as a learning experience.


  2. Some days ‘lost interest’ feels like the scariest words an author can hear from a reader. That might just be me.

    Also, being on the fence brings back a bad memory of childhood idiocy. Hope you got your homework done.


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