Double Mac attack: A review and a Scottish Squirrel

So, it is no secret that I love these books and am always proud to have the multitalented Mr. Mac Black guest on my blog, but this is even more fun. Not only do you get the chance to check out a book that you really should read–but you also get a squirrel in a kilt. Really? It would seem so. Check out Mac’s poem just below the review for Derek’s Revenge.

Derek’s Revenge by Mac Black

Derek has not had much success getting his first great novel started – in fact, the research it requires has nearly cost him his marriage and ruined several pairs of his wife’s tights. All he needs is a better topic, maybe he should be writing non-fiction, he is a journalist, after all… As is normal for Derek, things go pretty rapidly and hilariously downhill from there! Current titles by Mac Black: Please… Call Me Derek, Derek’s in Trouble and Derek’s Good Relations(2013) Light-hearted, quirky and funny

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I have really enjoyed all the books in this series, but this one is now my favourite.

When you get to know a character over a series of books, there comes a point when you feel like they have become your friend and they are more than just a two-dimensional being in a book. This happened to me with the previous book in this series “Derek’s in Trouble.” Therefore, getting the opportunity to expand on his life and learn more about him in Derek’s Revenge excited me.

Whilst this book is still filled with humour and plenty of moments that make you laugh out loud, I also felt this novel was a bit more personal than the others. The past of the main character is brought to light (explains some of his quirks) and his quest for answers became my own. He is trying to take control of his life, although he is a rather unlucky sort most of the time. His adventures are so much fun, so you partially hope he gets it together and partially hope that he doesn’t.

I am ever amazed by Mac Black’s ability to weave together a story that not only makes sense and keeps the reader entertained, but also takes you away from your own life and lets you see through the eyes of the characters before you. His characters have nicknames, previous histories and come to the reader with a story of their own.

This series will remain close to my heart. I am once more, looking forward to the next book. Until then, I will keep my fingers crossed that Derek won’t get in too much trouble and if he does…the author writes about it.

If you have not checked out this series yet, please do so. You won’t be sorry you did.

Derek's in Trouble

Please... Call Me Derek

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Hello, good day, ah’m pleased tae meet ye.
The name’s MacSquirrel. Ah’m a Scot, ye ken.
An’ ah wear ma kilt like all MacSquirrels
Cos it’s bloody cold in a highland glen…

Ah’m nothin’ like they foreign squirrels
Oot eatin’ pizzas an’ drinkin’ coke,
All cuddly-wuddly an’ talkin’ funny
As if bein’ a squirrel’s a ruddy joke!

Forgive me if ah seem bad tempered
But seekin’ fame is awfy hard.
Me… X-Factor application reject!
Ah didnae get a winnin’ card…

They said ‘Squirrel acts urr ten a penny.’
‘Away ye go an’ hibernate.’
See them, thon Simon Cowell especially,
He’s goat a face no hard tae hate…

Furr ah played the bagpipes, did a jig.
Ah’d practised it furr weeks an’ weeks,
But ah think the reason they didnae waant me
Was because I wisnae wearin’ breeks!

Some folk are ower high fallutin’,
Bein’ tolerant is no’ their game
An’ jist because ah’m a wee bit different.
It really is a cryin’ shame.

But you urr thinkin’, this MacSquirrel,
Whit a poet – guid as Burns.
If ah’d read this oot at ma wee audition
X-Factor would huvv hudd me as one o’ their turns!

Ah’m ramblin’ now, you urr gettin’ bored
It’s time tae stoap, an’ tae you it’s sent.
Ah hope that as a squirrel lover
Ye’ll tak this kindly, as it’s meant…

8 thoughts on “Double Mac attack: A review and a Scottish Squirrel”

  1. We have a squirrel on the piece of furniture under the television. Yes. A real squirrel. My husband (before he was my husband) told me the squirrel’s continued presence was a condition of our potential marriage, and so the squirrel remains, gradually decomposing, I’m sure. Sometimes I dust around it. This is as close to a pre-nup as we get, I guess.

    Now I feel like I need to make the little critter a kilt.

    These books sound kind of in the vein of the Adrian Mole books. Fair comparison?


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