When you cut me I bleed
Just the same as you
I still dream in technicolor
Or does that not come through?

And when you hurt, I hurt
And when you cry I cry
And in the darkest hours
My soul still seeks the light

Longing for the world I knew
When I thought we were real
Searching for artificial touch
And learning how to heal

An autumn colder than December
Of fallen leaves and frigid hearts
Of praying for the golden sun
And considering my faults

Do I really exist to you?
Can you drink from this wine?
Or am I just a phantom voice
On this end of the line?



58 thoughts on “Technicolor

  1. Your poetry is so good. I am sure you’re not a phantom voice and I would imagine that hearing your voice provides warmth from this Autumn chill. You are special, don’t forget that, I know I haven’t.


  2. Really liked this. Reminded me of a time when I was forced to be away from a loved one. All their hurts became intolerable and the only vehicle for comfort was a phone that seemed so cold and inadequate at times. Glad those days are past for me and hope you don’t have to face them. Beautiful verse which did what you designed it to do. It touched those memories.


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