Love and other things…

Someone has a new blog. Never met her.

Ionia's Thought Catalogue

So, every once in while I wish to talk about random neural misfiring in my brain (also knows as thoughts) that don’t really belong on my main blog (readfulthings.) Therefore, I have started this site so that I can do that. There will be o rhyme or rhythm. I promise you it will be a disorganised scattering of whateverness. Just the way I like it.


So anyway…

I thought I had to come up with something for my first post other than my reasoning behind starting another blog.


And then I decided to write this instead.



You know the word. You see it every where. Not just on those cute occasionas like weddings, Valentine’s day and Anniversaries. Love has possibly become the most commericalised thing there is in the world. They say that sex sells. Well, so does love. More so than Christmas or any other…

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