Mrs. Poe Available as of Today

Hey everyone–just  a reminder for all of you that are interested in this

great book–Mrs. Poe by Lynn Cullen is out today! You can get a copy here:


Mrs. Poe





10 thoughts on “Mrs. Poe Available as of Today

  1. Me and my husband drove across the US, when we moved from New Hampshire to California. I would have had a chance to visit Poe’s house in Philadelphia, and now I regret that I didn’t plan the route so we could have visited.


      • I gotta say it’s been my favorite trip so far… As tiring it was, but I will never forget the grandeur of Grand Canyon and Flagstaff… Or the creepy little desert town, where people stared at us like we were the enemy, not to mention the arch of St. Louis looking over the Mississippi river… Or the caves, where Jesse James hid. The endless rows of trucks at midnight on the highways and the plains of Texas, I mean… It’s a trip everyone in the US should take, if they get the chance. They were some really good times.


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