Have I ever

Have I told you
In rustling leaves draped in fall colours that the stirring of my heart is echoed in their whispers?

Have I shown you
That the still beating wings of
A raven on a branch with a black so blue it’s ink remind me of these bruises caused by memories asking me to think

Have I said
That larks in meadows and long besotted fields are simply a blank canvas that remind us how to feel. A world that is our oyster and a jewelry box of pearls so naturally formed as we are, they don’t try to be…just are.

Have I mentioned
In the calm after a thunderstorm has raged and ravaged land; you are the rainbow I see guiding me, a compass rose upon my hand.

Have you wondered
If in stillborn pools of water left after the heavens cry, if I search for the reflection of us, this shared specter of you and I

Have I ever told you
That the silence is a deafening roar
The slightest flurry of butterfly wings upon my unmarked door
Reminds me that we are hidden from sight, from sound, from touch

Have I ever told you
That you mean so much?


41 thoughts on “Have I ever

  1. Gorgeous. I love the way you set up your stanzas. They are quick, then long, quick, then long. At first, they seem nothing more than long mouthfuls of words, said without a breath or a moment’s pause. But that same breathless flow of words adds to the emotion and breathtaking experience of this poem. Thanks for sharing.


  2. You are so amazing! Have I told you that lately? You write awesome reviews, you teach me so much. Have I told you that I missed you today? Because I do. I wish I could write poetry half as well as you. I just suck at expressing myself so eloquently. (I guess I should practice). Thank you for everything that you do!


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