That’s Bull–Pit Bull, that is…

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I was wrong. Yep. You don’t hear that from me very often. I try not to admit that however occasional it happens, sometimes I am just plain wrong. But here it is:

I hated Pit Bulls. HATED them with a capitol HATE. I thought they were all evil creatures much like the land version of Bruce the great white shark in Jaws. I suppose I had listened to so many things on the telly and in the general media proclaiming them as violent, insensitive, killing machines that I believed what I had heard.

I spent over a year working for an animal shelter and on numerous occasions we had to quarantine pit and pit-cross dogs as unadoptable due to their violent temperaments. This didn’t help my opinion of said situation.

A bit over a year ago, I began watching a show called Pit bulls and Parolees. Somehow…

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