Will In Scarlet

Will in ScarletWill in Scarlet by Matthew Cody

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I enjoyed this book. I like to read middle grade fantasy as it is some of the most imaginative reading material there is. This book is certainly no exception.

I was impressed with this for a couple of main reasons:

I didn’t feel that the author spoke down to the intended audience. The story has a very traditional Robin Hood feel when it comes to the way the dialogue is written and I thought it was intelligent enough for an adult to keep entertained with. That was a nice change.

Secondly, the book is progressive. Even before the hero knows his exact quest, there is still action and enough happening to keep you interested in the story. I like the way information is presented. You learn as you go rather than having the author do an information dump right at the beginning.

I like Will. Plain and simple. He is a humble character that has a good sense of humour and makes you want to hug him. I grow weary of characters that are too perfect or too flawed. He fell right down the middle and I thought it really worked well. He didn’t feel artificial and his actions matched the personality the author gave him.

Overall this was fun book that made me laugh, was an easy read and that I would be happy to recommend to others. I enjoyed it and don’t see any reason why it should be just for the YA market. I look forward to seeing what else this author has in store for his readers.

This review is based on a digital ARC.


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