Speaks the Nightbird

Any Robert R. McCammon fans out here? I bet there are. He is one of my all time favourites and his books take up a huge section of my physical bookshelf at home. Love those sort of creepy, rather mysterious books that stay with you long after reading them? Me too. McCammon is your guy.

So check it out people. Open Road media has re-released this book in digital format so that now we may begin collecting his works on our various ereaders as well.

For those of you who use Kindle, here is the Amazon link:

Amazon Version

And for everyone else, here is the goodreads page with all of the various links to other retail sites:


also, if you have a moment, check out the Pinterest page for Robert R. McCammon:



Speaks the Nightbird (Matthew Corbett


Came the time when the two travellers knew night would catch them, and shelter must be found.God and Satan are at war in the colonial Carolina town of Fount Royal, and even the citizens suspect that a witch is behind the tragedies that have plagued the town. The chief suspect is the beautiful and haunted widow Rachel. Traveling judge Isaac Woodward and his bright young clerk Matthew Corbett arrive to conduct a trial–and uncover the true evil at work in Fount Royal.(less)

Kindle Edition, 816 pages
Published October 8th 2013 by Open Road Media (first published September 1st 2002)
original title
Speaks the Nightbird
edition language
So, What are you waiting for? Go check it out. Don’t forget to leave a review if you do read this book! Thus far, this title is ranking in at 4.5 put of 5 stars on Amazon–a pretty impressive feat!

8 thoughts on “Speaks the Nightbird

  1. I love it when i see established authors go digital. There is just something in me that screams yay…progress! I love the feel of a print book in hand and nothing will ever replace that feeling, but there is something about digital that just screams “future” to me.


  2. I love McCammon, particularly The Wolf’s Hour and Gone South. I don’t have money to spare right now, but it’s good to see that his backlist is available–if and when I have discretionary income again, I’ll get them.


  3. I like McCammon (esp. Boy’s Life and Gone South) and I read this when it first came out years ago. I wasn’t able to get into it. Not sure why because I thought the setting was interesting. Are the other books in the series better? I haven’t tried them.


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