Awesomeness…wait..double awesomeness

It’s so green!

Ionia's Thought Catalogue

So…you should all have a gander at my really spiffy personalised header that Green Embers 

made for me. I love it. Not only is it highly personalised to just me, but this guy is quick. I went away for a few days, came back and voila! It was done!



Here is the other news of awesomeness. He has more than one blog already, but he has just opened another for his comics. Green Embers is also accepting commissions at a very reasonable rate for those of you who would like specific content for your blogs. He can make headers, sidebar images and other cool stuff, so if you are interested, contact him at the link above, or this one. Be sure to go visit his new blog even if you don’t need any artwork so you can see his art posts!

Find that here:


You can…

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