The Heavens Rise by Christopher Rice

The Heavens RiseThe Heavens Rise by Christopher Rice

New York Times bestselling author Christopher Rice brilliantly conjures the shadowed terrors of the Louisiana bayou—where three friends confront a deadly, ancient evil rising to the surface—in this intense and atmospheric new supernatural thriller.

It’s been a decade since the Delongpre family vanished near Bayou Rabineaux, and still no one can explain the events of that dark and sweltering night. No one except Niquette Delongpre, the survivor who ran away from the mangled stretch of guardrail on Highway 22 where the impossible occurred…and kept on running. Who left behind her best friends, Ben and Anthem, to save them from her newfound capacity for destruction…and who alone knows the source of her very bizarre—and very deadly—abilities: an isolated strip of swampland called Elysium.

An accomplished surgeon, Niquette’s father dreamed of transforming the dense acreage surrounded by murky waters into a palatial compound befitting the name his beloved wife gave to it, Elysium: “the final resting place for the heroic and virtuous.” Then, ten years ago, construction workers dug into a long-hidden well, one that snaked down into the deep, black waters of the Louisiana swamp and stirred something that had been there for centuries—a microscopic parasite that perverts the mind and corrupts the body.

Niquette is living proof that things done can’t be undone. Nothing will put her family back together again. And nothing can save her. But as Niquette, Ben, and Anthem uncover the truth of a devastating parasite that has the potential to alter the future of humankind, Niquette grasps the most chilling truths of all: someone else has been infected too. And unlike her, this man is not content to live in the shadows. He is intent to use his newfound powers for one reason only: revenge.

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

So…hmmm. Yep. Not the best way to begin a review, perhaps, but I am not certain what to say about this book. I think if you are the type of person (like me) who enjoys thrills and chills at a more psychological level than a physical, action-based one, that this book will keep you happily occupied. Christopher Rice did a beautiful job of creating characters that have depth and make you want to learn more about them with this novel.

I was impressed mostly by his ability to make the bad guy more than just a simple villain. He is a truly twisted, vile individual that at times, makes you want to jump into the book and deal with him yourself. I found that the other character’s reactions to him were very important in how I, as the reader, saw him. With every new event, you can’t help but hate him just a little bit more. These are the kind of books I love. When the author can so clearly make me feel something for a character, I must be reading a great book.

There were times during this that I felt the descriptions were a bit much, but for those who do not know the area described in the story, this was likely a bonus.

The world of corruption, bad human behaviour and decisions that come back to haunt them were incredibly well displayed. One thing is for sure, it is hard to read this book and not think about life.

I liked the way the story was arranged, the plot was interesting and well planned and I enjoyed the end.

This was a great book, in my opinion. A bit twisted, dark–but I like that in a book.

This review is based on a digital ARC from Netgalley and the publisher.

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  1. “was impressed mostly by his ability to make the bad guy more than just a simple villain. He is a truly twisted, vile individual that at times, makes you want to jump into the book and deal with him yourself.” <– I like to hear this. A good villain can really make a book or movie. It will be on the list (as soon as I go home and add it, lol)


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