Lovers and Liars by Sally Beauman

Lovers and Liars: A NovelLovers and Liars: A Novel by Sally Beauman

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

First of all, I should say that I have read quite a lot of Sally Beauman novels in the past and with my previous experiences, I either loved it or hated it. This is not really the case with this book. This one I am about divided evenly on.

Whilst there is a good plot here and the characters are relatively easy to get to know and even likable, they make some of the dumbest decisions possible and it is hard to respect them–especially the female lead.

If I had to choose a part of this book that I enjoyed more than others it would have been toward the middle when the mystery was the focus of the story.

The sex scenes are graphic and border (in my opinion) on the verge of ridiculous at times. This may be one of those novels that some people will appreciate while others just plain stop reading, due to the nature of these scenes.

What I did like, was the complexity of the plot. The characters each have an interesting background and a viable part in the story. I liked that there were multiple things going on at once and the author still managed to wrap up the loose ends by the finish of the story, although I did feel the ending was a bit pushed.

Overall, for being a longer book, I didn’t find myself bored, but I’m not sure that I would rush to read it again. Interesting,for sure.

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  1. I like it when there are multiple plot strands running concurrently. I also like it when an author manages to wrap everything up successfully. I hate having to wonder what happened to this or that character.


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