So about NANO…idonwanna






I uhm… am not doing NANO this time. Why, you may ask, or you may not care but I am going to tell you anyway. I have been feeling rather…






Really, I just finished a project and I have another in the works. I can’t find the time. My dog ate my computer. I was abducted by aliens (Charles was there he can verify.) I have all the excuses. Truly, This post is just to congratulate all of you who are taking part in NANO and wish you the very best of luck!






So while you are all out working on your genius projects. I will be bugging you about your progress when I am not busy doing…

animls2other stuff…





But I know you can do it! Flex those writer muscles! Almost halfway there!





I guess what I am trying to say is that I feel guilty.


Forgive me?





I promise I will not make any annoying sounds whilst you are working. You won’t even know I’m here.


See.. I blend right in.




Anyway. If you want to brag about your literary prowess. I’m all ears.







I promise to pay complete attention…







Good Luck you guys! You can do eeeeeet! I have faith!

I will be riffling through my trunk looking for some new tricks…



40 thoughts on “So about NANO…idonwanna

  1. Enjoy doing whatever is keeping you from the most important writing event of the year! …. I mean, the caffeine-soaked, sleep-depriving, wordcount-obsessing, brain-consuming, distraction from real life that is NaNo. (Can you tell I’m participating this year?) 😉


  2. I’m giving NaNo a shot for the first time and I’m tackling Fantasy…so far five chapters, number six is as good as in the bag and thinking about day seven and chapter seven right now… my first real breather since NaNo began… by the end of today I should hit 10,000 words when I post todays efforts at midnight…


  3. So that is me, you, Kingmidget and Katie…We could start a club. The NoNaNoWriMoProMo Club to encourage all of those who have the courage to commit! My life gets too very complicated in November, and besides…I want to be able to drink on my birthday. Cheers!


  4. Love this! It definitely made me laugh . . . and reminded me my world won’t end if I don’t finish 50K words by the end of the month. But I must admit that I do feel somewhat like the cat with the Rubik’s Cube, because I don’t know what the f*k I’m doing with this novel! LOL!


  5. You kill me with this kind of blog. It is so damn cleaver I wonder why I didn’t think of it. NaNo? I’m with you. No time. I guess I could pretend to put 50,000 words together for the event, but I would be cheating since I do that on non event times. Okay not in 30 days, but still. Great job on the humor. Thanks


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