Short Story Live on 1:1000

woot! Go check out Wanderer and her awesome story!

Vers Les Etoiles

I stumbled across 1:1000 when another blogger (Justice of Manuscripts & Marginalia) posted a story they’d written. This website is wonderful–it pairs writers and photographers together, matching ONE photograph with  a ONE THOUSAND word story from a writer.

I’m honored to have had a story accepted and it’s live now! Go check out my story, Wheels, and the rest of the site. It’s filled with amazing photos and equally brilliant stories.

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Blogger, reviewer, theology/philosophy major. I'm a mother and a writer and a supporter of free speech and freedom in general. My favourite author is Albert Camus, and I listen to a bit of everything. I've been too busy (LAZY) to blog in the last few years, but I'm giving it another shot.

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