The Amazing Adventures Of Chilly Billy by Peter Mayle

peter_mayleNew York Times and internationally bestselling author Peter Mayle is best known for his books about Provence, but he also wrote a series of children’s books that feature the same brand of charm and wit that his readers love.

Peter, who has five children, wrote The Amazing Adventures of Chilly Billy for his two sons. With illustrations by acclaimed children’s book artist Arthur Robins, it was first published in 1983. The Chilly Billy books sold millions worldwide but went out of print and were more or less forgotten, with some of the original copies selling for a thousand dollars.


Peter still loves these books, but it was his wife, Jennie, who suggested they be re-issued in digital format as well as print. Escargot Books, which has already re-issued several Mayle books, will also be producing this delightful book for their upcoming Ear Movies—innovative radio-theater style audio books—with British actor Terence Stamp playing the role of Chilly Billy.

And who is Chilly Billy? A little man who lives inside the refrigerator. In seven short chapters written for children under ten, Chilly Billy has Fridge Olympics and a Frozen Sports contest against his rival The Mad Jumper, discovers new friends, and even falls in love.

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11 thoughts on “The Amazing Adventures Of Chilly Billy by Peter Mayle”

  1. Oh the radio play stuff sounds really cool, Terrance Stamp has a great voice for audio. I might actually just listen to it that way. So cool that out of print books have this option to come back like this. 🙂


  2. I wrote a poem in school about Billy – Something along the lines of Billy is a silly nilly.
    Great to see it showcased here 🙂


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    I am sure many of you remember the hugely entertaining TV mini series ‘A Year in Provence’ starring John Thaw, based on Peter Mayle’s experiences, but I suspect that most of you, like me, had no idea that Peter Mayle had also written children’s books. Check it out here.


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