Call to Arms and Legs . . . Bring Your Whole Body

This is Charles E Yallowitz of the blog Legends of Windemere.  Coincidentally, I’m also the author behind the blossoming fantasy series, Legends of Windemere.  Slight connection there.  Now, Ionia has graciously offered to let me make a post about the upcoming third book of the series Legends of Windemere: Allure of the Gypsies, which will debut on December 1st.  I have a load of fun posts to make, but it’s more enjoyable with interactions.  So, I would greatly appreciate volunteers for the following events:


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Cover Reveal

This is rather simple.  I send you the information for the cover reveal and you post the information on November 25th.  This will include the cover, links to the first two books, link to my blog, author bio, and book blurb.  I’ve already had several volunteers and sent off the information.  Best part about this is you can make it, schedule it, and walk away within minutes of receiving the information.

The cover reveal will also kick off the big hype week, which will see several theme days on my blog.

December Blog Tour

This is the big event in December that is similar to the Cover Reveal, but differs in that it will include a link to the newly released book.  Also, volunteers will be divided into groups and given a specific day to post the information.  This is a method to spread the word throughout the month instead of having a single day of blog posts.

I won’t be sitting on my haunches during this either.  I will be making daily posts on my blog to thank the volunteers and mention the following:

  1. The blog (s) of the volunteer.
  2. A published book or series of the volunteer with link to the sales site.

All I ask is that you tell me your blog and the name and link for your book.  Leaving me to guess doesn’t always work.

Twubs Chat

Yahoo Image Search

Yahoo Image Search

This is the big fun and you only have to pay attention to when it happens.  November 30th, I will be setting up a Twitter Chat area with the help of the smarter and wiser Ionia.  For a few hours, people can log on and ask questions that I will do my best to answer in 140 characters.  I hear you thinking this is nothing new, so here is the where the fun comes from:

You won’t be interviewing me.  You will be asking questions to my characters.

I will be jumping character minds to answer questions and seeing how long it takes for me to go insane.  It should be a lot of fun the day before the release.

Yahoo Image Search

Yahoo Image Search

I sense questions, so here are some answers:

  • I don’t have many followers for my blog, so would I be much help in the Cover Reveal or Blog Tour?

Yes!  Here’s the thing about indie authors and word of mouth.  Every mouth counts.  That one person who reads your blog can reblog and then more people see it.  Even beyond that, helping an indie author strengthens their resolve and confidence.  I’ve mentioned on my blog a few times that support is one of the most important ingredients to an indie author’s success.  So, never think you’re blog isn’t important when asked to join a blog tour because it really is.

  • How can I ask your characters questions if I don’t know them?

A perfectly good question that I’m still fine-tuning an answer for.  Currently, I’m thinking of making a blog earlier that day that lists all the characters and connects to the ‘Origin Post’.  I will admit that if you’re not familiar with the characters then it will be hard to ask a question.  Still, we’re looking for fun and you don’t have to ask heavy questions.  Ask Nyx the Sorceress what her favorite pizza topping is or ask the Lich if a movie ever made him cry?  My blog is full of information on them.  Although, I’m happy to hear of any suggestions on how to leap this hurdle

That’s all that big events of the Legends of Windemere: Allure of the Gypsies hype month.  Another big thank you to Ionia for letting me write and post this on her blog.  Hopefully it isn’t so boring that she hurls me clear across a clearing.  (Inside joke that she’s still going to kill me for.)


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