I hate my butt/best sex ever a post devoted to the infomercial

Late Night Telly. Oh how I love to surf the channels late at night. I used to actually watch what was on them, but now I have a new hobby. It combines my love of reading and relaxing in front of the television. I like to call this new game worlds worst book titles. This is where I take two or three listing names from the listings on satellite TV and imagine what they would be like combined as a book title. Play along with me, or go try it yourself. You won’t be sorry, I promise.


Here are a few of my favourites:

I hate my butt  easy hair removal best sex ever

Who wants to be a millionaire omg! insider

world’s safest chainsaw vegetable and fruit smoothies in minutes

New Total Gym ow my aching feet

Shark rotator vacuum easy beautiful curls

Keeping up with the Kardashians family feud

Gansters! Most evil Johnny Carson is back

Pawn Stars 101 weapons that changed the world

Kitchen Nightmare the real housewives of Orange County

Jaws! Eyes wide shut

Bubble Guppies tanked!

Finding Bigfoot untold stories of the E.R.

Brain Games None of the Above

Relieve gas naturally the big bang theory

The Unit Increase your testosterone

Prophecy in the news an apology to elephants

toddlers and tiara’s criminal minds

JFK:American experience two broke girls

and finally….

Lovemaking secrets bones





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