Want to be part of a blog tour/cover reveal?

Everyone loves to read!!!

If you would like something simple to do that just might drive some traffic to your blog, join the blog tour or cover reveal (or both) for author Charles E. Yallowitz’ upcoming book “Allure of the Gypsies.”

There are still spots available.

This is an easy copy and paste post that will not take up too much space on your blog. There may be a stubborn half-elf or two and the possibility of some Gnome inventions gone haywire, but we will clean up the mess when they are done.

How do I join, I can can hear the millions of you asking…very simple.


Leave a comment on this post and let us know you are interested, or go visit the author himself–over at LEGENDS OF WINDEMERE and drop him a line.

Your blog will be mentioned on many other blogs if you join since the entire list for the blog tour will be included in each post of the tour itself. The cover reveal is easy as pi (mathematics joke, sorry) as well, so don’t miss out on your opportunity to spread the word about this great book and gain a little recognition.

Any tweets, facbook posts or other spreading of this word would be greatly appreciated. 🙂


Love you guys!


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      1. You’re welcome and thank you. I’ll be sending the blog tour schedule and info during the last weekend of November. Do you have a published book that you want me to include when I make my ‘check out these blog tour volunteer’ posts next month?


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