Noah! The Movie Trailer is here!

In case you have not heard yet, the amazing Russell Crow is leading an all star cast in the new movie “Noah.” You can check out the trailer here:


11 thoughts on “Noah! The Movie Trailer is here!

  1. Reblogged this on Insectamonarca's Blog and commented:
    I can’t wait to see Noah! So often I feel like him. Everywhere I go lately people talk about the deteriorating world and what is coming. I live locally and grow food and pollinator habitats and teach others how to survive by being able to feed ourselves. “Feed Your Own First.” If we learn how to grow native plants for pollinators and feed them, pollinators will be able to regenerate and pollinate food crops. We are all connected in the Web of Life.

    We need to protect the natural world if human kind is going to survive. Live locally. I stopped driving a car. I walk or take public transportation. NOAH! Is a must seed to learn about how one might be able to survive. Either we are part of the solution or we are part of the problem. The problem is breaking down all over the world.


  2. I don’t know much about Noah’s Ark, but was it just ONLY two animals allowed?

    What if a third one snuck on? If so, did Noah just go: “Tough luck, buddy! Off ya go!” then throw the animal overboard to drown? How did it work? 🙂


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