Shop Small this Weekend

First, I want to say thank you to Ionia for allowing me to share with all of her loyal readers.

Second, I would like to remind everyone to Shop Small this Weekend. It is so important to support local small businesses. Of course I have a little more motive than just being a good guy. My daughter owns one of those small businesses as a fashion designer. In fact, I would like to direct you to her latest blog post about this very subject. Really, go here and check out what is going on. And if you happen to be in the Cleveland area, you can even check it out in person. She has all sorts of wonderful designs for the ladies in your lives. And ties for the men. Plus there are discounts codes available on her blog post. Tidal Cool Creations are fresh, innovative and affordable fashions (and I’m not saying that just because I’m her mom either!)

Remember, small local businesses are the lifeblood of our communities. Support them every chance you get. And Shop Small this Weekend.


8 thoughts on “Shop Small this Weekend”

    1. Too bad Charles. But I think lots of us live where small independent bookstores have gone away. That is why shopping local small businesses is so important. We don’t want to lose them in our communities.


  1. I’d much rather shop on Saturday at the small shops (it’s where I found a beautiful, reversible hat for my little guy), and avoid the Black Friday madness. Yahoo had an article a few days ago about why Black Friday deals aren’t really all that good. Shopping small is better, when you can find it.


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