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Now, I can hear people saying ‘How do we ask questions to characters if we never read your books?’  First, I frown and wonder why you haven’t read the books.  Then, accepting that people are busy, I put a list of characters with brief descriptions after this sentence:

Cover Art by Jason Pedersen
Cover Art by Jason Pedersen

Luke Callindor-  The young hero of the story who has set out to prove he is as much a hero as his ancestors.  Armed with twin sabers and courage, this half-elf repeatedly finds himself in over his head.

Nyx- The hot-tempered, but kind sorceress that Luke befriends in Prodigy of Rainbow Tower.  With the ability to cast spells with incantations and gestures, Nyx is incredibly powerful.  She also calls Luke her little brother.

Sari- Debuting in Allure of the Gypsies, Sari is the only surviving gypsy of her clan who were massacred by the Lich.  Whether on the run or contained, she is a cunning woman that one has to always be wary of.  Otherwise, you might find yourself no longer in control of the situation.

Fizzle- A purple-scaled Drite with red dragonfly wings, who guards Visindor Forest. He joins with Luke after taking a liking to the forest tracker.  This tiny dragon has become an important ally to our heroes and an adorable mascot.

Nimby-  The halfling thief who befriended Luke in Hamilton Military Academy and helped him locate the hidden heir of Serab.  Nimby has proven his loyalty several times, but he is a man of many secrets.  Just be careful talking to him because he rarely shuts up.

Fritz Warrenberg- The womanizing, gnomish inventor is the oldest of our heroes, but is not always the most mature.  Armed with a sharp mind that can work on multiple problems at once, he should never be underestimated.  Let’s not forget his loyal riding sheep, Bessaria.

Aedyn Karwyn- The stoic and serious half-elven priest of the Sun God, Durag, is the healer of the time.  Though, he tends to feel like the babysitter with Nimby’s stealing, Fritz’s flirting, and Luke’s reckless behavior.

The Lich-  A dark and sinister villain from the Caster Swamp, this undead spellcaster has been after Luke from the beginning.  His ultimate goals are still unknown, but it seems he has a master.

The Hellfire Elf- The demonic assassin that the Lich summons to capture the heir of Serab and kill Luke Callindor.  He has been given the deadly Chaoswind Blade, which causes extreme pain to those of good natures.  With his shape-shifting ability and demonic strength, Luke is still afraid of this menace.

Cover Art by Jason Pedersen
Cover Art by Jason Pedersen

Queen Trinity-  She is the ruler of the chaos elves and her magic rivals that of Nyx, making them perfect enemies.  More laid back and calm than the Lich, she is always up for a challenge or looking into a mystery.  Hints of a deeper reason for her allegiance to the evil forces of Windemere have begun appearing as well.

Kira Grasdon-  Heir to the Grasdon Merchant Company, Luke runs into her at Hamilton Military Academy.  Eventually, winning our young hero over, she is out to master her own chain and sickle weapon.  A master of changing her mood and behavior to suit any situation, she can come off as two-faced.

Kellia- The school bully that becomes a good friend of Luke and the others.  She still has issues with Fritz hitting on her.

Selenia Hamilton-  The half-elven headmistress of Hamilton Military Academy, this former mercenary dealt with Luke during his first mission.  She’s still angry that he arrived at her school under false papers, but she’s willing to take her fury out on him with detention.

Kevin Masterson- The administrative head of Hamilton Military Academy. This grizzled, crotchety warrior sports a bum leg and shoulder after losing a fight to three ogres.  To be fair, they’re dead and he’s still around to curse at annoying students.

Daniel Skyblade- This noble from the city of Gaia is a former employee of Selenia.  A legend among warriors, he takes great interest in the unfolding events.

Captain Higgs- The sea elf captain of The River Scout, who has the task of escorting the heir of Serab’s entourage down the L’dandrin River.  Very protective of his crew, he is quick to yell at any of his guests if they get in the way.

By Jason Pedersen
Cover Art by Jason Pedersen

Cyril & Willow- The masters of Rainbow Tower and Nyx’s adoptive parents.  Cyril is a dark, stern man while his wife is a smiling, happy woman.  Polar opposites that eternally get along.

Isaiah- A powerful Fireskin (dragon man) and the mysterious caster that rescued Nyx from her burning village.  He has already hinted that he knows about the prophecy that Nyx and Luke are involved in.  His only goal is to keep them alive long enough to see their destiny to the end.

Kalam- The vampiric brother of Isaiah, he is the former mentor of the Lich.  He has agreed to help his old student attack Luke and friends in return for a chance to battle his elusive brother.  He also takes Sari as payment, which might be more than he bargained for.

Talos ‘Doubleblade’ Callindor- The grandfather of Luke and his teacher in the ways of combat and the forest.  He gets his special name from his mastery of the Whirlwind of Uli style, which Luke uses as well.  This old elf is retired and spends his days relaxing in the town of Haven.

Vixen & Ilan Callindor-  Luke’s parents.  Ilan is an elven blacksmith with a bad leg from his adventuring days and he hates that he son has left to be an adventurer.  Vixen is a jewel maker and has spent far too much of her time apologizing for the trouble her son causes.

Gabriel- The God of Destiny and Lord of Hell.  Controlling the fates of the evil and the good, he is the most powerful god in the Windemere pantheon.

Zaria-  The Goddess of Purity and Gabriel’s ally/rival.  Kind and compassionate, she acts as an opposite force to Gabriel’s demeanor.

Uli-  The Goddess of Elven Warriors and the Forest.  She is the patron goddess of Luke and is exceptionally worried about him being under Gabriel’s hands.